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One thing I was taught at university was to regularly reflect on each module. I noticed the positive impact this had on my learning and progression throughout the course, so I thought I would do something similar and write this short blog post to reflect on 2018.

This year I have used my camera more than ever for filming and taking photos. I filmed my first wedding in September and worked on various promotional videos for different people and brands throughout the year, the work has been quite varied.

A few things I'll be taking with me moving into 2019:

1. Always be ready, you never know when a project might come your way

2. Don’t chase perfection, something can always be improved

3. Reflect on each project; This is so important, even if it's as simple as just thinking about what went well or how something can be improved next time around

4. Be realistic with your time, set yourself achievable tasks. Along with my full-time job, I set myself a target to work on three projects outside of work each month, this could be a photo shoot, video project or even updating the look and feel of my website

Anyway, hope you all have a great new year and set your sights high moving into 2019!

- Luke

Luke Pyett