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5 Portrait Photography Tips

I thought I'd make a quick blog post to reflect on what I have personally learnt from shooting portraits based on my own experiences over the last year. Although I am still always learning new things myself, I hope these five simple tips help you improve your own portrait photography.

1. Avoid covering the model's jawline, this helps to define the shape of their face. If shooting with a female model you could ask her to move her hand through her hair to create more of a natural pose.

2. Experiment with different angles, take some photos from lower down, higher up, or even create some depth of field between yourself and the model using the objects around you. This can help add an extra layer to your image making it more interesting on the eye.

3. Ask the model what their prefered or favourite side is, this is something the model will unlikely tell you. Shooting the models prefered side will make them feel more confident, resulting in a better photograph.

4. If you have the luxury of time on your side (which can be rare), spend some time talking to the model before you start taking any photos, to help ease them into the shoot. Maybe on the way to the location?

5. Come prepared for a shoot, this might be quite an obvious one, but never underestimate simple things like a light reflector, portable LED or fairy lights, as these can dramatically improve a shot.

I hope these five portrait photography tips have helped. If anyone has any tips of their own they would like to share, let me know! 

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- Luke

Luke Pyett