Amy & Adam's Wedding by Luke Pyett

I had an incredible day filming for the amazing bride and groom Amy & Adam on a beautiful September day at Smeetham Hall Barn.

Wedding (1 of 3).jpg
Wedding (3 of 3).jpg

I presented the final film in a bespoke handmade linen presentation case, containing stills from the video and a USB with the final full film.

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- Luke

Nostalgia by Luke Pyett

My brother is now back from uni which is great seeing that I haven’t seen him for almost 6 months! Last weekend, we decided to head out with one of our close friends Lewis (@louiefilm).

I’ve actually lost count on the number of times I’ve been on this walk, but I never seem to get bored of it. I’m not quite sure what it is, it must just be a nostalgic place for me, seeing that it was where I filmed my first video and spent a lot of time teaching myself photography. 

It was great to capture some candid moments exploring with Lewis and Jake that afternoon. I find that moments like these now become rarer the older I get, everyone is so busy with either work, uni or just general life. It also made a nice change to take some photos without feeling too much pressure to capture that “perfect shot”.

All of the photos I took that afternoon were taken on my Canon 5D Mark IV using the 24mm Sigma Art 1.4. In Lightroom, I mainly adjusted the exposure, decreased the highlights, applied an S curve and added some grain to all of the images.

I plan on taking a trip down to Cornwall later in the year with Lewis, to visit my brother when he heads back for his second year. Hopefully, we get time to do some more exploring together down there! Hope you enjoy the photos, definitely let me know if you have any favourites? 

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- Luke

5 Portrait Photography Tips by Luke Pyett

I thought I'd make a quick blog post to reflect on what I have personally learnt from shooting portraits based on my own experiences over the last year. Although I am still always learning new things myself, I hope these five simple tips help you improve your own portrait photography.

1. Avoid covering the model's jawline, this helps to define the shape of their face. If shooting with a female model you could ask her to move her hand through her hair to create more of a natural pose.

2. Experiment with different angles, take some photos from lower down, higher up, or even create some depth of field between yourself and the model using the objects around you. This can help add an extra layer to your image making it more interesting on the eye.

3. Ask the model what their prefered or favourite side is, this is something the model will unlikely tell you. Shooting the models prefered side will make them feel more confident, resulting in a better photograph.

4. If you have the luxury of time on your side (which can be rare), spend some time talking to the model before you start taking any photos, to help ease them into the shoot. Maybe on the way to the location?

5. Come prepared for a shoot, this might be quite an obvious one, but never underestimate simple things like a light reflector, portable LED or fairy lights, as these can dramatically improve a shot.

I hope these five portrait photography tips have helped. If anyone has any tips of their own they would like to share, let me know! 

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- Luke

Back to Canon by Luke Pyett

I’ve always been a big fan of Canon, with my first camera being the Canon 600D/T3i, followed by the speedy 7D. I then sold my 7D and bought the Sony a6500. After using the Sony on a number of shoots for both photography and video, I decided it wasn’t the camera for me. It has so many good features like 120fps, 4K and took amazing photographs with very quick accurate autofocus, but in all honesty, I missed using a DSLR! 

One of the few downsides of the Sony was the slight delay you get once switching the camera on, as well as the camera buffering when shooting on the high-speed continuous mode. Another thing was battery life, I would have to carry multiple batteries, sometimes 3-4 for a-days shoot. I also had the camera overheating on me when I was shooting 4K at a conference last year. Finally and this might be quite minor, but I did find it hard to film 120fps on bright sunny days. The screen would get considerably darker compared to when I was shooting 24fps, I can only presume this was done to preserve battery life... but it still made it quite hard to see what I was filming.

So I decided to put my Sony up for sale and make the move back to Canon. So far I have done four photo shoots with the Canon and it hasn’t disappointed. The colour science on Canon cameras is spot on, with minor tweaks needed in Lightroom to get the skin tones and colour just right. In compassion, I found that the Sony struggled with colour with the photos looking washed out. It took a lot more editing in Lightroom to correct the colour and skin tones especially when I was shooting portraits.

Jen (1 of 12).jpg
 Canon 6D MK II, 50mm 1.4 (S/O to @jenloumeredith)

Canon 6D MK II, 50mm 1.4 (S/O to @jenloumeredith)

For video, autofocus on the Canon is super fast and accurate, Canon definitely knows how to get this right. The tracking feature in a lot of the new Canon models is spot on and does a good job at tracking a subject and keeping everything in focus. I probably wouldn’t use this feature if I was working for a paying client, but as far as run and gun shooting goes it works just fine. I have taken a loss with 120fps (1080p) when making the move over to Canon, but 60fps on the Canon still provides really nice smooth slow motion. 

It’s taken me a while to figure out what camera works best for me, but I’m confident I’ve finally found it. I’m looking forward to using the Canon a lot more for both photography and video throughout 2018 and hopefully update this blog a lot more often!

- Luke

James the Drummer by Luke Pyett

It was Sunday evening and we were just arriving at the studio to shoot for James Brown, Drummer from the band "Duck House".

Before I could even introduce myself I had already set up my camera and started taking photos of James. The sunset was just too good to miss, for me, this is my favourite time to shoot when the sun creates a golden glow for a short amount of time (golden hour).

JAMES (2 of 6).jpg

Anyway, we were there to shoot a short video for James for his own self-promotion. I was assisting Lewis with the filming throughout the evening and helping him setup. I was initially planning on just shooting some B-Roll footage, but after looking back at all of the clips I got that evening, I had more than enough to make a short behind the scenes video of the shoot.

JAMES (6 of 6) +1.jpg

I had no idea where the time went before we knew it, it was already half 10 and the owner of the studio was coming in to lock up. All in all, it was a good shoot and it was great meeting James, oh and thanks for the heads up about bringing along earplugs!

Anyway, I'll let the video do the rest of the talking. 

Take a look at how the shoot went down in the video below!

- Luke

Camera/Equipment used: Sony a6500, Sigma Art 35mm 1.4, Neewer Softboxes

London Fashion Week 2017 by Luke Pyett

I know this is quite a late post seeing that LFW was back in February, but I wanted to talk about my experiences from a photographers perspective.

Surprisingly the trains to London were running on the day of LFW, so myself and a close friend/fellow photographer – @louiefilm took the trip down to London to shoot outside of the show at 180 The Strand. We had already been to the first show of the year back in January, however this time the natural sunlight was definitely on our side.

We were only planning on spending half of the day at this location, however, the day was over before we knew it and we ended up spending pretty much the entire day shooting at The Strand. Although we didn't go into any of the shows or presentations this time, a lot of the action took place outside of the show with many people taking photographs, networking, exchanging their Instagram accounts and just generally chatting about photography and fashion.

For someone that is looking to improve their portrait skills or simply meet with photographers then this event makes for the perfect opportunity. It's great to be able to take a bunch of photos, with the majority of people that are attending the show happy to strike a pose. It was also good to see so many people networking and talking about their own experiences shooting, no egos just creatives that have a common interest in photography/videography and fashion. 

Anyway here's to my first ever blog post. 

DM me up on Instagram if you think you'll be going to LFW in September 2017!

– Luke 

Camera/Equipment used: Canon 7D, Sigma Art 35mm 1.4